Can Reality use Solid State Disks – SSDs

Basically it depends on the SSD technology being deployed.

Sun/Oracle and a growing number of other suppliers offer high-end SSDs for database use. However, expect to pay a significant premium over "spinning rust" of standard disks in order to move from millisecond to microsecond response times with high reliability – though you can still choose to mirror these or use standard disks for the mirror.

There are cheaper SSDs, using memory as in USB sticks, but these can be very slow to write to unless some kind of assist technology has been used. Reality has been successfully tested on technology that uses s/w at the driver level in order to make all writes to be serial in order to boost performance. However, this is a rapidly moving market so the latest devices should be investigated by users in order to obtain the required performance, reliability and cost options.

Reality is flexible when it comes to disk technology but users have to understand the performance, reliability and cost of using the selected technology for database, transaction logs and/or host system data storage.

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