DataBasic debugging, why can wrong line numbers be displayed

There is a known issue that can cause this, but only where program continuation lines are used in the middle of CALL statement parameters.

So if a program line using the CALL statement contains a continuation line, ellipsis (…) at the end of a line, before the end of the CALL parameter list then line numbering will be offset by one from the next normal line when referred to in the debugger. Also the source displayed will be marked with a ‘?’ since the source and object have a different line count.

Example Code:
001 *
002 A = 6
004 A)
005 A = 6
Incorrect, offset by one, line numbers are displayed for lines 5 onwards:

What actually happens is the compiler counts the line with the continuation sequence twice, so all subsequent line numbers are incorrect as far as single stepping, setting a break point or reporting an error. For each continuation line, as in the above, an additional line number will be added to subsequent lines.

This will be corrected in a new version of the compiler that will be available in the next released version of Reality. However, if you find any other obscure issue that results in incorrect line numbers please contact us.

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