How is bold and underline used on various terminal displays

As video attributes, for positioning and various display options like bold, underline, flash, colours…, are specific to each physical or emulated terminal display this depends on the model being used.

If you look in the documentation, under TERM in the index, several definitions are listed, e.g. 0 to 7 in the below.

     0 PRISM I and II               1 Microdata Scribe
     2 ADDS Viewpoint            3 Hardcopy devices
     4 PRISM 4+ (default)        5 VT52
     6 VT100 and VT220          7 Wyse 50
… refer to TERM documentation.

The terminal type to use can be set using the TERM verb – this can also be set in a logon Proc or setup automatically for users with the SSM command, under Network profile.
The terminal type selection controls which sequences are output by the various @ Basic functions, for example:

Example Code:
     PRINT @(-1):@(-176),HEAD
     Refer to DataBasic @ Function…
This clears the screen and prints a bold and underlined "MAIN MENU" at the top of the screen.

The TDM command allows the user to modify existing terminal definitions and add new ones.

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