Problems with Windows TLMENU connecting to Failsafe secondary

TLMenu may be having problems making a secure connection with the secondary system.

Normally TLMENU administers the secondary system by making a secure connection which replicates the credentials the user has on the primary system onto the secondary system. 

If tlmenu is having problems communicating with the secondary system then this can be overcome by setting the environment variable REALADMLOGONCMD: 
  SET  REALADMLOGONCMD=user , before running tlmenu will force the user and password to be used when connecting to the secondary. e.g.
  SET REALADMLOGONCMD=user  Administrator,Admin123

If this is to be a permanent solution then this environment variable should be set in My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables.


There is a known problem with Reality V14.0 when installed on Windows Server 2003 on the secondary.  The secure connection technique fails to make the connection.  This requires the above environment variable to be used.  This was resolved by update V14.0.0.0270.

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