RealWeb Demo pages say "page not found, error 404"

You need to make sure Tomcat is running or has failed to start due a conflict of networking ports being used.

When a browser is used to access the RealWeb Demo, e.g. the Windows Reality menu option RealWeb Programming Examples To Experiment With, using page http://localhost:8080/servlet/reality/demo/@PROGLIST, and the page cannot be displayed this is typically because either the delivered Tomcat Web server is not running, or has failed to start due a conflict of networking ports being used. 

Make sure Tomcat is running as this is only started automatically the first time the Demo is installed. So following a system boot this has to be restarted clicking on Windows start, All programs, Reality, RealWeb Demo, START Tomcat Web Server. This will then be visible as a minimised Windows task, which you can restore to see its contents. If you had to start Tomcat then retry the RealWeb page access to see if this recovers the problem.

Then: if you still get "page not found" look at the last few lines inside the Tomcat window:
If you don't see the following lines:
    … … – Http10Interceptor: Starting on 8080
    … … – Ajp12Interceptor: Starting on 8007
    … … – Ajp13Interceptor: Starting on 8009

… or if you also see an error like C:\RealWebDemo\tomcat … … Address in use: JVM_Bind, then there is likely to be another application configured to use port 8080 – which is the default port the delivered RealWeb demo uses with Tomcat. 

One example of the above is when Oracle on Windows services are running, e.g. Oracle XE developer access on service "OracleXETNSListener". You can either stop the Oracle services, or perhaps other applications using port 8080, or reconfigure Tomcat as delivered by Reality. The latter will change the web addresses built into the delivered demo, which are in several places including within the Tomcat setup files in path installed_drive:\RealWebDemo\tomcat – within the conf and webapps folders. Changing the port is beyond this FAQ – for further help refer to FAQ Configuring REALWEB with Tomcat & Apache FAQ  Configuring REALWEB with Tomcat & Apache. << this will be a link

Note – Running Reality and other system-level applications on the same host platform server:
As Reality is a complete database and operating environment NPS recommends that Reality is the only system-level application loaded onto host platforms. However, where viable, networking ports and other host platform resources are tuneable in order to coexist with other databases, web servers and system applications. It is the responsibility of the system builder to make sure any host platform key resource conflicts do not inhibit Reality from running efficiently.

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