Turning off new DataBasic Compiler features, to deliver to older Systems

When a development system is running a release prior to live user systems different compilers can be configured. Refer to FAQ for an example.

The following makes the complied code compatible for applications that need to run on V14.0 Systems.

To change the default compiler for the BASIC command to the V14 features perform the following edit.
ED /SYSFILES/BASIC-COMPILERS BASIC*DEFAULT and change attribute<2> to be as follows:
  001 Q
  002 BASIC*14

This approach can be used to set any of the available compilers as the default.
For further details refer to the product Documentation under Using Alternative Compilers in the DataBasic Reference section, which covers the above, using the BASIC (C "compiler" option and setting up new BASIC commands for specific compilers..

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